Saturday, July 30, 2016

Welcome to Kindergarten at SGE!

Hello and welcome to our class blog! It is my hope that this is a place where you can go to get some insight to our every day activities! I'll be posting class happenings as well as things to know to keep you up date with what is happening at Stamping Ground Elementary.

Here are a few reminders!

* Open House is Tuesday, August 9th from 5-7:00 P.M.

* The first day of school is Thursday, August 11th. School doors open at 7:20 and dismissal is at 2:35 p.m. You're welcome to walk your child to the classroom on the first few days of school, however after that we do ask you drop them off at the front door or the double doors leading to our hallway. This helps us as we transition into our learning times. Thank you for understanding.

* Be sure to sign up for class updates using the app "Bloomz" by texting @VYNBEB to 1-858-256-6691

More information will be coming soon! Be on the lookout for pictures and other fun things happening at SGE!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

 This week we had special visitors from Elkhorn Crossing School who taught us about good dental health. We learned  the proper way to brush and floss as well as sorted foods that are good and bad for our teeth.
 As Valentine's Day approached we graphed candy hearts and enjoyed our party with an ice cream treat. Enjoy these pictures of our celebration!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What we're learning and Game Day Fun!


                                     This week we've been reading the book Hooway for Wodney Wat. We've practiced retelling the story as well as making connections to the main character, Wodney. Be sure to ask your child about his/her favorite part!
 Tuesday we celebrated Groundhog Day by learning different facts about groundhogs. We've been busy exploring in centers as well. From counting using marshmallows to making words in a variety of ways, we're learning more every day!

Our favorite new way to practice making our spelling words was with Wikki Sticks! The kids did a great job using these waxy objects to spell out words in the "at" word family! And WAY TO GO to all the kiddos for getting a perfect score on their test! I'm quite proud! :)

On Friday we ended our Science unit on "Pushes and Pulls" by experimenting with a variety of objects to see whether they roll, spin or slide.

I can't forget our favorite part of the week...Game day! Earlier in the week the kids filled our class compliment bucket up by having excellent hall behavior and earned a game day on Friday! I'll leave you with these pictures and just try to guess which game brought the most laughs! :)


100 Days of Kindergarten Learning!

 I apologize for being absent from blogging for quite some time as I've been getting back into the swing of things. However, we have been having a great time exploring numbers to 100 and especially enjoyed our 100th day of school!Prepare yourself for picture overload!
Our morning centers all focused on the number 100. We practiced writing and counting to 100.

Built towers with 100 blocks!

Attempted to write 100 words we could read around the room.

 Rolled dice to find numbers on the 100 chart.

 We even had a special 100th day of snack that we counted all ourselves!

 At the end of the day we celebrated in style with a 100th day parade! The students walked the halls of Stamping Ground Elementary with pride showing off their 100th day creations. It was certainly a day they won't soon forget! Thanks to everyone for coming out and celebrating with us!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Math, Mystery Readers and More!

Another fun and busy week in Kindergarten at Stamping Ground! We've been working hard practicing our letters in different ways. Above we're doing "Wet, Dry, Try" which is a method taught through our Handwriting Without Tears program. Students wet a sponge and write the letter, dry the letter with a towel and then try to write the letter independently with chalk. They thought it was so cool to "write" with the little sponges.
We were able to get interactive with our math this week and have fun using our interactive board. Students counted different objects to match the number given.

 Journal writing was a big hit this week! Students wrote about what they did over the weekend, what they like to do with their families and what they liked to do outside. I was impressed as everyone was engaged with each other while they shared their journal writing with friends. Below Williams dad joined us on Friday as our Mystery Reader. This has quickly become a class favorite as well!
 This coming week should be lots of fun as we study weather, new letters as well as comparing numbers to ten. We're also starting some new centers! Be sure to check back for updates!

Kentucky Kids Day Fun!

We had a wonderful time last week celebrating Kentucky Kids Day! A big Thank You to all who helped plan and to our PTO for our colorful, cute shirts! Check out these fun pictures of all we did throughout the day!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Swinging into September

This week in Kindergarten we've been working in small groups to practice putting letters of the alphabet in order. Students were able to work with partners to accomplish this skill. We've also been talking about colors all week. One of our favorite color books we read was "Pete the Cat: I love my White Shoes." The kids loved getting to make their own Pete the Cat and retelling the story to one another.

 Retelling stories has been a skill we've worked on quite a bit this week. Below Zaiden, Cate, and Morgan show off their retelling strips from the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear."

We took a fun walk this week to discuss and practice bus safety. Students were able to get on the bus and practice what it looks like to ride a bus. We talked about the rules of the bus and everyone was excited that we might all get a chance to ride the school bus for a field trip later this year!

Practicing our letters with playdough was another hit during writing workshop and of course, everyone enjoyed our Friday Mystery Reader, Mrs. Penn. More fun is to come this coming week as we celebrate KY Kids Day amongst many other events at school! Be sure to check back!:)